An interoperable, distributed trust, data ecosystem that envisions a future beyond data.

A New Paradigm
Trusted Digital Relationships

Introducing Sara, an AI companion in a scalable, interoperable decentralized digital ecosystem. Sara acts as a personalized browser, much like Mosaic pioneered web adoption, Sara is a paradigm shift, streamlining secure access to consented, accurate, harmonized personal data and services

The ethos of sara

Sara expands our ethos and manifestation of the humanity of technology, serving as a touchstone for digital ethics, rooting governance in a framework emphasizing human rights, neuro-rights, autonomy and human dignity.

This ethical dimension is the secret ingredient to designing a technology future that we’d actually like to live in.”

Elizabeth M. Renieris – Beyond Data

You have control of your data

AI Trust Architecture

Imagine a world where personal autonomy isn't just respected but revered, where privacy isn't an after thought but the foundation.


For digital transformation to fully succeed it will require cryptographic assurance at the machine layer and human accountability at the business, legal, and social layers.

The Dilemma of Data

We are witnessing an explosion of captured data points, spawning the collective realization that society’s current technological infrastructure is simply not equipped to fully protect personal information or streamline data harmonization.

Complicating matters, the current available systems that house health data are fragmented and centralized, making it difficult to get enough quality data to adequately inform research or enhance wellness, neurohealth or Insurtech services.

Healthcare related data breaches significantly impact seniors and dementia patients, heightening risks of identity theft and compromised personal health information.

Caregivers also face increased challenges in securely managing not only their own sensitive data, but those they care for, adding to the complexities and burdens of their caregiving roles.

A solution is needed, welcome to Secours.ai.

Sara & The Digital Transparency Lab

collaborative Partnership

Secours.ai and DTL have come together to ensure a reliable data ecosystem, enabling the Sara community to confidently manage and share their consented data with enhanced privacy and accuracy, all within a framework of stringent data governance and Transparency Code of Conduct.

Transparency code of conduct

This initiative includes crafting a Code of Conduct aligned with GDPR and Convention 108+ standards, focusing on consent and transparency. A technical practice code, devised with the ANCR WG Specifications, will underpin these guidelines, ensuring that digital consent is responsibly validated and managed. The 0PN Digital Transparency Lab and Secours.ai are dedicated to implementing this code, emphasizing ethical data access and user control. Principles of the project include mandatory transparency for all networked data, systematic consent management, and multilayered privacy risk assurance, allowing individuals to navigate from anonymity to full transparency while maintaining personal data control.

OPN Data Commons & digital privacy register

DTLab, an incubator for the 0PN Data Commons and Digital Privacy Register, has spent a decade advancing community security and data governance within digital public spaces. As part of the Kantara Initiative, DTLab pioneered Consent Receipt and Consent Token technologies to promote standardized digital privacy and user-centric data control. Committed to white hat transparency and regulatory compliance, the mission of the DTLab is to ensure ethical data management and empower individuals with control over their personal data.

Digital privacy

Digital Privacy Transparency (DPT) and the International ISO standards for digital notice and consent records, is what enable privacy to scale into digital privacy. Human Trust requires transparency to see and use consent-based controls, which an individual can trust, verify and self-validate as secure.

why trust secours ai

The solution is Sara

Secours delivers Trust as a Service. In the field of healthcare, our mission is to help change outcomes, empowering providers, patients, and care partners to make better-informed decisions based on insights from harmonized, accurate data framed by sound data governance.

Restoring Patients and Care partners priorities in an increasingly technology driven world.

The convergence of technology and data propelled our society into an era of instant access to information. Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to broaden the scope of our fascination with final frontier exploration, with “Data” being the fuel behind Quality of Life (QoL) advancements, bringing a deeper level of insight, knowledge, and value to Human society.
But with data secured behind the walled garden of platforms, digital health has left individual patients and care partners as data subjects in a digital kingdom ruled by economy, not empathy or care.
Locking data prevents digital health improvements from reaching the people who need it the most, Patients & Caregivers. 
The lack of transparency creates mistrust and as a result, innovators face adoption problems when delivering advances.
Vulnerable persons require a caring guardian, not a tool ensuring cybersecurity. Caregivers need to be technologically empowered in their demanding daily supporting tasks of those who are impaired. All this technology has to be, not only simple but trustworthy, powerful but affordable.

Why Secours AI

Imagine a world where data becomes more than just a collection of discrete or continuous values, where each byte pulsates with vibrancy, echoing the nuanced tales of human existence, innovations, and aspirations.

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A New Ethos
A New Data Governance
A New Mechanism of Trust

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