a new mechanism of trust

A distributed data ecosystem

Sara is a conduit for other applications, services, and devices to cryptographically migrate and lower the barrier to Real World Data to advance AI-driven digital healthcare and consent.

Think of us as the Intel inside of digital health and safety.  Our mission is to change outcomes. A new mechanism of trust.

Join the Sara ecosystem.

Global Crisis

Seniors are the fastest-growing population in the world and will stay older longer and run right into the dementia firing range.

While this is occurring the decline in family caregiver support ratio is shifting from a slow decline to a free fall.

Exasperating the crisis, 70% of people will require long term care in their lifetime.

Who is going to take care of them, and at what cost?


In a world where our seniors are stepping into a future yet to unfold, facing the unknowns of dementia, Sara stands as a beacon of hope.

Imagine a personal eye that not only understands the complexities of data, but treats it with the reverence it deserves.

Sara represents not just an agent, but a guardian,of your personal data and digital self, ensuring every bite of your data is shared with dignity, precision and care.

With the growing population of our loved ones, the demand for reliable care soars high. But Sara brings a solution, a secure, autonomous and reliable agent,  a data ecosystem with human rights at its core. 

Sara’s message guardian shields from unwanted filtering noise to deliver only what truly matters while upholding the sanctity of your data with uncompromised privacy and consent standards. 

This is not the distant future. Its the present, where Sara empowers those grappling with dementia and care partners who uphold the burden of their care. Rest assured, in the hands of Sara, secure actors within Sara’s ecosystem, autonomy and care go hand in hand. securing a dignified digital life for the entire family.


We began in search and rescue. How did we get to digital health? Dementia, it's becoming the number search incident in the world. Over 63% of those with dementia will go missing, if not found in 24 hours up to half may die.
And there is no cure.
In the future, Sara will us bring back home to SAR, join and share in this journey to find out how.


It all starts with identity, who are you, are you who you say you are, and what validated claims do you have with your identity. Secours was invited into the Sovrin Foundation accelerator, it was here we began our leadership in identity, and specifically Guardianship ID.


As founding members of the Trust Over IP Foundation our collaboration with cofounders to bring a new dynamic data economy to reality began.


Where we've been

By pooling global insights and fostering transparent sharing of knowledge, we’ve accelerated the development of a new paradigm in humanity of technology.

‘Our Story’ isn’t just about the strides we’ve made; it’s a collective testament to this new paradigm, to protect people, and do so through a more expansive human rights-based approach to technology governance.   




Execution is everything

OuR story

The genius is in the collaboration

In the narrative of ‘Our Story’, the genius of collaboration is the cornerstone of Secours collective journey. It’s through joining global hands and minds that we’ve carved paths through uncharted territories and risen to meet challenges that seemed insurmountable. Our shared vision and combined strengths have allowed us to innovate and overcome, transforming individual whispers of potential into a chorus of success. Each chapter of our story is marked by moments where collaboration turned ordinary opportunities into extraordinary achievements. This synergy, this collaborative spirit, is the lifeblood of our progress, ensuring that every page of ‘Our Story’ is rich with the wisdom of many and the triumphs of unity. 

From this collaboration we bring you Sara and the ethos of a new paradigm.

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